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7 lessons kids learn at soccer holiday clinics

soccer holiday clinics

Learning doesn’t stop when school does! Soccer holiday clinics are where fundamental lessons for your child can be practiced on and off the field!

Decision Making

We want our children to be able to make choices with confidence. Football is a sport that requires constant decision-making. The IQ Football way is to give the player the best possible training and opportunities so that they can make their own choices. This is part of the player-centred model, where we help unlock the player’s confidence through guided discovery, using the game as the teacher & small-sided games. Soccer holiday clinics give the players the opportunity to play small-sided matches every day. They will also play 1 v 1 games and games that press them to make decisions quicker.


It is exceptionally empowering to a child’s confidence to enable them to be in control and make decisions. It also builds their confidence when they can see and feel their own growth. Soccer holiday clinics give extensive practice over a five-day period, which presents itself with multiple opportunities for growth.


Soccer holiday clinics provide a great environment to create problem-solving scenarios. This comes in many forms: It may be social problem-solving, such as navigating and interacting with new and different players of varying ages and skill sets. Kids will have the opportunity to learn how to respect the elder players and lead the younger players. It can also present itself on the field, where the newer players will chase after the ball in swarms only to learn that they are in a team and need to work together as a team in order to be successful.

Game intelligence

Football intelligence is when a player can analyse the most important information on the field, identify their best options, and then execute that decision. Problem-solving, cognitive flexibility, novelty, memory, and decision-making play a part in this process. We have a passion for teaching our players game intelligence, at both our afternoon academy training sessions, and our morning soccer holiday clinics.

Perseverance and resilience

Every player will experience failure and success. It is how the player uses these experiences, their victories, and their challenges, that makes the difference. Soccer holiday clinics are a brilliant platform to test, better, and perfect our response to adversity. It is a perfect place to practice our reactions under pressure. Life presents plenty of pressured situations, and if we can learn how to respond on the football field, we will be able to do the same in school exams, interviews, and during workplace pressures.

Soccer skill development

Accurate practice helps to make accurate performance. With the amount of training the players will do over the course of five days, their football performance improves. Our coaches help to guide the players in their practice so that they achieve the best results.


Players quickly learn that it takes commitment to see success. This is true for a quick decision such as kicking the ball into the goal, and in longer thoughtful decisions, such as showing up on time with a committed attitude. The players who demonstrate this attribute the best, are rewarded at the end of the week with a “Superstar” award.

Soccer holiday clinics help to teach players skills that will help them on and off the field. It’s a great way to spend the holidays and it enables them to socialise in a fun and supportive environment. IQ Football will be holding Holiday Clinics in December and January. You can check out the page Holiday Clinics for more details.

kids holiday camp

Sean Szabo

Recognised as a leading brain-centred football coach in Gauteng, Sean Szabo is an English FA qualified coach who has worked internationally assisting player’s motor and technical football skills, as well as their cognitive development on and off the field. IQ Football was founded in 2015 by Sean as an amalgamation of his passion for football coaching, mentoring, and brain-centred research.

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