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Football skills tutorial – the neck stall

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Day 20 | 30 Day Challenge

The lockdown is a brilliant time to up your game and improve your skills! Don’t let the time go by without refining your technique, control, touch, perception and balance.

This is another perception and awareness drill, but this one is for older kids 😉

Increase your ball awareness and touch by practising the football neck stall. Make sure you first master your kick ups! Check out our Kick ups skill tutorial to judge and practise the weight of your flick. Keep your eye on the ball!

Use your lockdown wisely!

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Sean Szabo

Recognised as a leading brain-centred football coach in Gauteng, Sean Szabo is an English FA qualified coach who has worked internationally assisting player’s motor and technical football skills, as well as their cognitive development on and off the field. IQ Football was founded in 2015 by Sean as an amalgamation of his passion for football coaching, mentoring, and brain-centred research.

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