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Inside Outside Football Drill

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Day 22 | 30 Day Challenge

The lockdown is a brilliant time to up your game and improve your skills! Don’t let the time go by without refining your technique, control, touch, perception and balance.

Today you’ll work on yesterday’s skill, but this time with a progression

Today you’ll work on yesterday’s skill, but this time with a progression. Like we said, you’ll need to be able to move the football with the inside and the outside of your foot at speed on the field. This is brilliant to work on if you want to be able to manoeuvre around players. If you can, do this in one foot movement. If that’s hard initially, work on each foot individually and only once you are able to move seamlessly from tapping the ball with the inside of your foot to the outside, may you then move onto pulling it altogether. You’ve got this kids! Keep pushing. Keep practising. Don’t give up easily. No excuses.

Use your lockdown wisely!

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