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IQF Consulting

IQF Consulting

We can help to increase the mental aspect of your game, maximise your team’s strengths & guide your team in your regular training to improve weak areas. 

Q. Does your team need guidance in organising positions to maximise player development?

Q. If your team has formed habits that could be improved, we can help guide players in their mental resilience.

Q. Does your school team need a brain-centred soccer programme to up their mental aspect of their game?

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    12 week brain-centred curriculum

    Head Coach, Sean Szabo consults with the current coach/s at your school to determine what the team’s strengths, weaknesses and goals are. After the consultation, a 12 week brain-centred curriculum would then be individualised to suit the team’s specific needs and goals.

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    Training for the coaches

    A one-day IQ Football training course for the current  coaches will be held to align them with the 12-week programme and brain-centred curriculum.

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    Analysis & feedback

    Throughout the duration of the curriculum, the school will receive all the brain-centred training equipment needed for the sessions, as well as evaluation and feedback. A submission of three games’ footage will be analysed and feedback will be given.

Get it touch

Please don’t hesitate to email Sean at or call him on +27 (0) 79 607 6101 to answer your questions.

The Next Step

To get things started, simply fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch with the training options available.

We only offer a free trial session to those signing up for our Academy Training.