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IQF Corporate Package

Better understand your mind and your brain and learn practical ways to help them serve you and your team. Through interactive workshops that involve the latest research in neuroscience and brain-centred football training methods, help your team reach their full potential. 

Through learning about your brilliant brain you will be able to:

Improve Output and ROI

Function from an informed and healthier state so that your output and ROI improves.

Achieve your Goals

Learn how to use your biology to set and achieve the goals that you avoid.

Become more Resilient

Receive key tools to process disappointment and bounce back from failure.

“Soccer is a triumphant display of the incredible plasticity of the human brain. More than any other sport, soccer requires a brilliance that redefines the cerebral cortex because the soccer player is limited by one simple rule: No hands!”

Jeffrey R. Holt, PhD | Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School

Sean Szabo, Founder of IQ Football

Holt Jeffrey

Please note, our workshops do not discriminate against age, fitness ability, or gender. Everyone can take part in them and achieve what we ask.


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