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IQF Foundation is a non-profit football academy that trains and mentors the boys of our present, to equip the men of our future.

IQF Foundation is a non-profit football academy with a mission to father the ‘fatherless’ of our nation, or those with limited family and parental support, to raise men who are not only professional football players, but great fathers, leaders, and community builders.

We use the application of evidence-based practices to build healthy brains and work towards whole-person development.

IQF Foundation


More than 60% of children in South Africa are raised without a father in their household.

Fatherlessness has been shown to deeply affect individuals.

Not all single-parent families are negatively affected, but statistics show that many of the children who face poverty, drop out of school, have a child out of wedlock and engage in criminal activity come from homes without a father.

The circumstances of these children affect every family, which affects our nation as a whole.

IQF Foundation


63% of youth suicides are from homes without fathers.

IQF Foundation


90% of all homeless and runaway children grew up without a father.


85% of all children who show behaviour disorders come from fatherless homes.

Criminal Activity


85% of all rapists motivated by displaced anger are from fatherless homes.


IQF’s Brain-centred curriculum & Neuroscience-Based Mentoring Programme

IQF Foundation’s football coaches are not your average trainers. On top of their coaching badges, they are trained in IQ Football’s unique brain-centred curriculum as well as an accredited neuroscience-based mentoring program. This ensures that they are much more knowledgeable about the brain and its application to a player’s health, wellbeing, and performance.

In addition to developing social skills, communication tools and athletic skills associated with sport, IQF’s brain-centred curriculum enhances learning at school by maximising the player’s lerning habits, inlcuding but not limited to speeding up and improving their mental processes, such as concentration, spatial awareness, and speed of thought.

IQF Foundation believes neuroscience-led mentoring is paramount to a player’s holistic development. Real change comes from healing and transforming the human heart. The football field is used as an environment to guide a player’s psychological, emotional, cognitive, and social development. The programme works to raise men who are not only professional football players, but great fathers, leaders and community builders.

IQF Foundation
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