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Recap what you’ve learnt and celebrate your growth

30 Day Challenge

Day 30 | 30 Day Challenge

The lockdown is a brilliant time to up your game and improve your skills! Don’t let the time go by without refining your technique, control, touch, perception and balance.

Celebrations are in order…it’s end of lockdown tonight in South Africa

We know restrictions are still in place, but we believe in celebrating every step in the process. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the process. We can’t emphasise this enough!

When you win a game, it’s euphoric. But that doesn’t happen every time. You can’t just get your highs from the wins, you have to enjoy the process while you work towards your goals.

The free football skills videos we released during lockdown were there to make the most out of a situation none of us wanted. We hope you’ve been encouraged to keep your spirits high, and supercharge your football skills during the quarantine.

We’ll be coaching our team over Zoom in the next coming weeks. Now is the time to join with discounts being made available. If you’re interested, get in contact with Sean at to find out the best package for your child. We’ll be posting more videos in the weeks to come, but not as often. So keep a look out for those.

Leave us a comment below and let us know what kinds of videos you’d like to see us publish next!

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Sean Szabo

Recognised as a leading brain-centred football coach in Gauteng, Sean Szabo is an English FA qualified coach who has worked internationally assisting player’s motor and technical football skills, as well as their cognitive development on and off the field. IQ Football was founded in 2015 by Sean as an amalgamation of his passion for football coaching, mentoring, and brain-centred research.

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