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Tag: Freestyle football

Learn a spin flick up in 30 seconds

Day 29 | 30-Day Challenge | This skill is great to learn for a freestyle move. It's also great to practise ball control, touch and weight of touch.

Learn the freestyle skill – hop the world

Day 15 | 30-Day Challenge | Hop the world is slightly more advanced, but anything can be mastered with practise. Get your form right from the start!

Learn the backwards step over

Day 14 | 30-Day Challenge | The backwards step over is a great skill that will improve your ball awareness, body coordination and movement in space,...

Two easy flick ups to begin with

Day 13 | 30-Day Challenge | When we say easy, we mean that this is two of the easier flick ups. But don't get us wrong - this still takes a lot of practise....

Switch it up with tennis ball knee ups

Day 12 | 30-Day Challenge | We're using a tennis ball to improve our control. Use any small ball. If you struggle with it at first, don't give up!