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Football Training Services in Johannesburg


IQ Football develops intelligent players by utilising tried-and-tested research in: neuroscience, cognitive football training methods, the player-centred model and mentoring. Our brain-centred curriculum has been developed to give players technical and ball mastery skills, tactical knowledge, and game and mindset intelligence.


IQ Football believes the development of our youngest players is paramount. Players between the ages of 2 – 10 years are given the chance to master the beautiful game without the pressure of opposed practice. The FA has shown through extensive research that opposed practice too early in a player’s life, presents them with a disadvantage. In this key foundation stage, we focus on technical excellence, tactical knowledge, and maximum mental & physical capacities to help our players reach their full potential. 

2 – 10 y/o

Your child will be played into a group that suits their age and development 

<11 People

Small-sided in-house matches are organised according to your child’s development


IQ Football Centre of Excellence Academy is the beginning of competitive play for youth players. Players between the ages of 11 – 14 years will play in local leagues. This is a player’s chance to transition from recreational play, and at a much higher level further develop their technical and tactical skills, their mindset, and their physical ability. 

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11 – 14 y/o

Your child will be played into a group that suits their age and development 

11 People

A full team will be trained to play in local leagues 

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Academy Training

Holiday Clinics

IQF Soccer Clinics

1-on-1 Training

1-on-1 Training

IQF Kids Soccer Parties

IQF Kids Soccer Parties

  • Review

    In the time my sons have spent with Sean and his team (at both weekly coaching and holiday clinics) I have seen a real transformation! Both the IQ philosophy and Sean and Coach Essien’s approach are truly remarkable. My boys have grown holistically, not only in skill but also greatly in character. IQ Football gently and professionally equips them for life in a way that even a parent can’t. They’ve learned such valuable lessons, matured and have been commended by their schools. I cannot speak highly enough of IQ Football Academy!

    Kate Lerman, IQ Football Academy Parent

  • Review

    The difference with IQ Football is that they focus on the mental side of the game a lot more than others. I’m able to think faster and I’m more aware of everything. It shows in the drills that were sent to me. Playing soccer is easier for me now. They are great coaches. I’m so glad I found you guys!

    John Fernandez, College Player, USA
  • Review

    Our 4yo is so excited to go to IQ Football each week, he gets in the car 30 minutes before we leave. Our 2yo can’t wait to start. Coach Essien delivers patient, flexible, age-appropriate activities that are anchored in the psychology of organised sport. As someone who played football for a number of years, I want to nurture my kids’ love for sport and tire them out so they fall asleep before the Premiere League comes on. Programs like this go a long way toward both.

    Chelsea Wallis, IQ Football Academy Parent 
  • Review

    My son’s concentration levels have peaked and his listening ability in school class have improved since practicing with his IQ Ball on a string daily for 5 minutes. Combination of IQ Ball and soccer practice has improved his game and his academic persistence. Thank you Sean and team!

    Dashni Naido, IQ Football Academy Parent
  • Review

    Seam and his Team at IQ Football are amazing. It’s a safe space for kids to learn football skills…as well as many mental and emotional lessons taught along the way. Any child will gain from these football lessons, including skills that will stand them in good stead as they get older. I always feel like my son is in the best of care when at IQ Football.

    Charmaine du Toit, IQ Football Academy Parent
  • Review

    My son has done 2 soccer clinics and thoroughly enjoyed them, and is now nagging to join the academy. Sean is always around and knows exactly what is happening which I love, and the coaches are friendly, attentive, loving, and full of energy. Not only does IQ Football teach the kiddies soccer/ball skills but also the importance of teamwork and manners. Amazing work IQ Football, we are thrilled to join your academy.

    Jamie Snyman, IQ Football Academy Parent
  • Review

    Our boys have been doing soccer with IQ Football for the past five years and it’s been incredible to watch how they have improved over the years thanks to the guidance and excellent coaching of Sean and Essien. Thank you for going beyond just the soccer skills training but also teaching them about important skills such as self-belief, having confidence in themselves, decision making and so much more. Thank you!

    Shona Young, IQ Football Academy Parent