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Tag: technique

Football starts at home

The foundation level of a child’s development is perhaps the most important, and as parents we have the opportunity to make it a strong one.

Improve your peripheral vision in football

Great peripheral vision is being able to see what other players can’t. All the great passers are able to play passes that average players aren’t even...

How to become a two footed football player

With almost anything in life, you have to be intentional about achieving a desired goal. In football, one of those goals should be to master the ball...

How to get more power on your shots

I’ll discuss how you can practically get more power on your shots and how you can mentally prepare yourself for the moments when it all falls into place...

Top 3 benefits of 1 on 1 soccer training

In addition to team training at IQ Football, players of all abilities have the opportunity to receive individualised attention in 1 on 1 soccer training...
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