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How Afterschool Football Training Can Improve Your Child’s Academic Performance

afterschool football training

Feeling confident in life often comes from feeling capable at school. However, too many children struggle to excel academically.

Afterschool football training has the potential to improve your child’s academic performance. The right afterschool football training can enable young boys and girls to realise their potential, have hope and grow in confidence.

IQ Football uses state-of-the-art approaches to build healthy brains and work towards whole-person development. We are passionate about seeing children grow with new motivation and a sense of self-worth. This positive change in a child often translates into their school context. For some children this may look like being more engaged in class, while others might discover they have more motivation to work through challenges.

In addition to developing social skills, communication tools, and athletic skills associated with playing football, IQF’s brain-centred curriculum can benefit a child’s school experience by helping to improve their mental processes, including but not limited to improving their: concentration, spatial awareness, and speed of thought.

IQ football coaches are not your average trainers. On top of their coaching badges, they are constantly being trained in IQ Football’s unique brain-centred curriculum, as well as an accredited neuroscience-based mentoring programme. This ensures that they are much more knowledgeable about the brain and its application to a player’s health, wellbeing, and performance.

We strongly believe neuroscience-led mentoring is paramount to a player’s holistic development. Research has shown that intelligence is not fixed, and that the brain’s neuroplasticity allows it to reorganise itself by forming new neural connections throughout life (not just in the formative stages). IQ Football, in collaboration with LifexChange, relies on the latest research and techniques in neuroscience-led mentoring to develop and organise the mind, which in turn, changes a child’s behavior and helps them to achieve their full potential. 

Real change (for all areas of life, including academically) comes from healing and transforming the human heart and mind. Under the right guidance, the football field can successfully be used as an environment to guide a player’s emotional, cognitive, and social development.

We’re so pleased to say that the results are showing, and parents of players who attend IQ Football have attested to this. The below reviews come from ‘Google Business Reviews’.

“In the time my sons have spent with Sean and his team (at both weekly coaching and holiday clinics) I have seen a real transformation! Both the IQ philosophy and Sean and Coach Essien’s approach are truly remarkable. My boys have grown holistically, not only in skill but also greatly in character. IQ Football gently and professionally equips them for life in a way that even a parent can’t. They’ve learned such valuable lessons, matured and have been commended by their schools. I cannot speak highly enough of IQ Football Academy!” Kate Lerman

“Great place for soccer skills development, friendly and conducive environment with coaches that pay attention to details. Had my son improving even in his concentration levels at school.” Kudakwashe Sibanda

“My son’s concentration levels have peaked and his listening ability in school class have improved since practicing with his IQ Ball on a string daily for 5 minutes. Combination of IQ Ball and soccer practice has improved his game and his academic persistence. Thank you Sean and team!” Dashni Naidu

“Essien is just wonderful with my boys; so encouraging, and so PATIENT! I can really see their game, and more importantly, their confidence, improve each week.” Joanna Baikoff

Afterschool football training can improve your child’s academic performance. It just depends on the culture of the football club they are attending.

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Sean Szabo

Recognised as a leading brain-centred football coach in Gauteng, Sean Szabo is an English FA qualified coach who has worked internationally assisting player’s motor and technical football skills, as well as their cognitive development on and off the field. IQ Football was founded in 2015 by Sean as an amalgamation of his passion for football coaching, mentoring, and brain-centred research.

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