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Tag: Motor Skills

Learn a spin flick up in 30 seconds

Day 29 | 30-Day Challenge | This skill is great to learn for a freestyle move. It's also great to practise ball control, touch and weight of touch.

Add this change up on the Cruyff turn

Day 28 | 30-Day Challenge | Johan Cruyff was an excellent player. His skills and creative moves have been used to get past defenders for decades.

Get past the defender with speed and agility

Day 27 | 30-Day Challenge | It's all about moving quickly and selling the move to the defender. Learn this move in two simple steps. Drag it back and...

How to get thousands of touches in a session

Day 26 | 30-Day Challenge | At IQ Football, we strongly advise aspiring footballers to practise every day. If you're serious about the game, aim for...

Inside Outside Football Drill

Day 22 | 30-Day Challenge | Today you'll work on yesterday's skill, but this time with a progression. Like we said, you'll need to be able to move the...

Outside Inside Football Drill

Day 21 | 30-Day Challenge | This is brilliant to work on if you want to be able to manoeuvre around players. You need to be able to move the football...